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 AP Spanish

Course Description

This is a course designed to follow the completion of Algebra II, Advanced Algebra, Accelerated Geometry B/Algebra II or Accelerated Analytic Geometry B/Advanced Algebra. The course will give students further experiences with statistical information and summaries, methods of designing and conducting statistical studies, an opportunity to analyze various voting processes, modeling of data, basic financial decisions, and use network models for making informed decisions. (Prerequisite: Algebra II, Advanced Algebra, Accelerated Geometry B/Algebra II or Accelerated Analytic Geometry B/Advanced Algebra) Instruction and assessment should include the appropriate use of manipulative and technology. Topics should be represented in multiple ways, such as concrete/pictorial, verbal/written, numeric/data-based, graphical, and symbolic. Concepts should be introduced and used, where appropriate, in the context of realistic phenomena. 

R.I.S.E. is Friday mornings from 7:45am to 8:15am in room 4327. Unless specified otherwise.

Homework: When homework is assigned, it must be turned in the next day, directly to me, and you must show all work to receive full credit. 

Classwork/Homework: All late work will receive a grade up to 50%, up until the last day before your final exam, and will need to be turned in directly to me.


Unit I: Analyzing Numerical Data

Unit II: Probability
Unit III: Statistical Studies
Unit IV: Using Recursion in Models & Decision Making
Unit V: Using Functions in Models & Decision Making
Unit VI: Decision Making in Finance
Unit VII: Networks and Graphs



Quizzes and Assignments


Unit 1A Assignments 

  • Estimating Crowds - In class task & Presentations

  • Filling Classroom with tennis balls - In class task & Presentations

  • Not Enough Numbers - In class task & Presentations

Unit 1B-C Assignments 

  • Aspect Ratios (Ratios in the Media) - In class task & Presentations 

  • Aspect Ratios (Tires) - In class task & Presentations 

  • Weighted Averages - In class task & Presentations 


Unit 1D Assignments 

  • Validating Identification Numbers (Universal Product Codes) - In class task & Presentations 

  • Validating Identification Numbers (Credit Card Numbers) - In class task & Presentations

Unit 1 TEST 


Quizzes and Assignments


Unit 2A Assignments 

  • Venn Diagrams - In class task & Presentations

  • Tree Diagrams - In class task & Presentations

  • Venn & Tree Diagrams - In class task 

  • Area Models - In class task & Presentations

  • All-American Breakfast Choices - In class task & Presentations

Unit 2B Assignments 

  • Probability in Games - In class task & Presentations 

  • Stocks & Risks - In class task & Presentations 

  • Choosing Classes - In class task & Presentations 

Unit 2C Assignments 

  • Binomial Probability - In class task & Presentations 

  • Expected Allowance - In class task & Presentations

Unit 2A Quiz 

Unit 2 TEST 


Quizzes and Assignments


Unit 3A Assignments 

  • Statistics Overview- In class task 

  • Treatment of Subject - In class task 

  • Sampling Design - In class task 

Unit 3A Quiz Review & Quiz 





Quizzes and Assignments


Unit 4 Quizz 

Unit 4A-D Assignments 

  • Using Scatterplots in Reports - In class task & Presentations

  • Recursion & Linear Functions  - In class task & Presentations

  • Recursion & Exponential Functions - In class task & Presentations

  • Newton's Law of Cooling - In class task & Presentations

  • Rates of Change in Exponential Models - In class task & Presentations

  • Singapore Flyer  - In class task & Presentations

Unit 4 TEST 


Quizzes and Assignments


Unit 6A-B Assignments 

  • You Have to Get Money to Have Money - In class task & Presentations

  • What Makes Money Work for You - In class task & Presentations

  • Time Value in Money - In class task & Presentations

Unit 6A Quiz 

Unit 6B-D Assignments  

  • A Cool Tool - In class task & Presentations 

  • Investing As You Go - In class task & Completion

  • Making Sense of Credit - In class task & Presentations

  • Understanding Credit Card Debt - In class task & Presentations

  • Buying a Losing Investment In class task & Presentations

Unit 6 TEST 


Quizzes and Assignments


Unit 7A-D Assignments 

  • Euler Circuits & Paths - In class task & Presentations

  • Weighted Graphs - In class task & Completion

  • Hamiltonian Circuits & Paths - In class task & Completion

  • High-Speed Internet - In class task & Completion

  • Map Coloring - In class task & Visual Display

Unit 7 Test




When it comes to academics, everybody is different - we all have unique methods of learning and absorbing information. That’s why I do my best to design a syllabus to accommodate every student’s needs. Click below to learn more.


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About Me

My name is Karla Estrada, and this will be my second year working at Alpharetta High School. I was born and raised in Mexico City where I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design and a Certificate as an ESL teacher. I worked for about 3 years in the POP and POS industry, and when my oldest child was born, I began teaching English to CEO's and managers in different companies.

4 years ago, my family and I moved to Alpharetta, to this wonderful community! I'm the proud mother of two amazing kids who also attend AHS. GO RAIDERS!

During my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, baking, traveling to new places and just enjoying life. 

In the classroom, my goal is to demonstrate that there are different ways to approach and solve problems, not only in math but in life itself. I believe that this can be achieved through establishing a teacher-student relationship built on respect and mutual support. I am honored to be a part of each and every one of my students' lives!

Please do not hesitate to contact or email me with any questions or concerns throughout the year by emailing me at estradaks@fultonschools.org.

I look forward to working with you this year.


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